Spawning Rules

Standard Spawns

You can always spawn at:

You can choose a spawn location from the list on the upper left, or directly by clicking on a green circle on the main map.

Redeploy hop: when you want to spawn at a specific allied base, but it is too far from your position, you can keep redeploying to the closest base to your desired destination, until you get where you want, one base at a time. You can accelerate this process by pressing the redeploy key while on the loading screen. 

Avoid using the big green “Deploy” button or double clicking on the “Deployment” list.

There is always a chance that spawn point will automatically change in the last second, and you’ll end up god knows where. To avoid this issue, deploy by double clicking on the spawn location on the map itself.

Respawn Timers

  • Standard respawn timer is 15 seconds.
  • Respawning at your last spawn location is 5 seconds faster.
  • Respawning at Elysium Spawn Tube takes 5 seconds longer. This penalty is compensated by “last spawn location” bonus.
  • Redeploying reduces respawn timer by 10 seconds.

Quick Deploy

Quick Deploy is available from the Death Screen, and it gives you an option to quickly respawn on your last respawn point.

If you last respawn point is destroyed or becomes unavailable for other reasons, another closest respawn point will be automatically selected.

You cannot use Quick Deploy if there are more than 60% of allies in the current region. You can still manually select the same respawn point from the main map, though.

This restriction will not apply if there are fewer than 12 allies in the region.

Deployed Sunderers

You can spawn at deployed Sunderers within 1000m. They will also provide access to an Infantry Terminal.

Reinforcements Needed

You can spawn on allied bases from any distance when they are under attack by superior enemy numbers, as long as the base is connected to your Warpgate via lattice link. 

Supposedly, Reinforcements Needed can activate only when there is at least one ally in the base’s region.


Redeploying “kills” you without adding a death to your statistics. It is often done after a battle ends, so you can quickly get into combat elsewhere. 

To redeploy, press the redeploy key (default “U”), or click the redeploy button on the main map. You will successfully redeploy if you do not deal or receive damage from enemies in the next 10 seconds. Your character will disappear, and you will be able to select a spawn location on the main map. 

Redeploying cuts 10 seconds off your respawn timer.

Construction System

Elysium Spawn Tube

Construction System allows players to build to build Elysium Spawn Tubes to provide a spawn location for allied players.



Routers are deployable spawn pads, which can be accessed from constructed Routing Spires.

Join Combat

Formerly “Instant Action”

Join Combat can take you to any fight, where your faction’s population is within 20% of the enemy population. It will use nearest available spawn point, including Sunderers and base spawns. 

Join Combat takes 10 seconds to activate and has a 2 minute cooldown.

Join Combat is known to be buggy, and will sometimes try to take you to fights that are already over, or completely hopeless. You can avoid this if you use Join Combat from the main map. Then Join Combat will show you the base where it wants to take you, and then you can decide whether you want to be there. 

Prepare for a hard fight if you go to a fight where enemies have more than 60% population.

Squad Spawning

If you play in a squad, you will have a few additional spawn options.

You can spawn directly into a SundererGalaxy or a Valkyrie owned and occupied by a squad member. If the vehicle is in the enemy territory, or allied territory that’s being captured by the enemy, then you also have to be within 1000m of the vehicle.

You can spawn at an allied base from any distance, if majority of your squad are in that base’s region, and the base itself is connected to a Warpgate via lattice. 

For the purposes of the “majority”, squad leader counts as two people.

Logistics Specialist

Using this implant will allow your squadmembers to spawn directly into any vehicle piloted by you.

Spawn Beacon

Spawn beacon

Spawn Beacon (Squad Beacon, “bacon”) can be deployed in any location with clear sky above. Spawn Beacon automatically becomes available to squads with at least two squad members. Spawning players are deployed via drop pod.

Spawn Beacon becomes available to players at BR10 (not 100% sure on this one).

Upgrading the Spawn Beacon reduces the spawn cooldown, but even at maximum rank the respawn timer remains considerably longer than for other spawn options. Spawn Beacon can be upgraded in the “Leadership Certifications”, located in the “Social” menu. Upgrading reduces the spawn cooldown.

Spawn Beacons are often placed by Light Assaults at tallest points of bases, such as antennas.

One thought on “Spawning Rules

  1. Join combat on the PS4 is completely broken. It says “not ready” no matter what you do, even if the population is 20% like you listed. It doesn’t matter what’s available to spawn at, it won’t work. The obnoxious thing is when starting a new character you are now stuck with basic training on the screen unable to complete it or move on with the process to get the extra certs. Daybreak is a bunch of AHole that refuse to fix their buggy game. It’s been broken for a while now. They won’t let PS4 players use the codes they give out all the time on PC and PS4 in game prices are higher than on the PC. I’ve dumped money into the game to support the devs and the AHoles refuse to fix anything. They have combined us to one server, so that people switch teams just to TK when they are loosing and getting annoyed. Also they will have a few players switch sides and camp inside base defenses like AA guns so you can’t use them, if they are getting shot down too often. Groups like the goon squad (they are notorious for this in every online game they play) do this regularly, working together having some of their players switch sides just to mess with the opposing team. They openly talk about it in chat too. The devs do nothing to stop the cheating. You can’t even attack them back or you get weapon locked. Our (now one) server on PS4 has to be the cheapest hardwire they had left over, because with 100mbps connection (tested) the lag is insane even with only 600 players logged and about 100 in the immediate area. It was not like this during PS4 beta, so they had to downgrade the server when they switched to only one.

    I understand there is a new planetside coming out in the next month or so, but treating console players second rate, especially those who paid to support this junk won’t win them any new or existing players. And these idiots wonder why they have such a low player count. The hit detection is awful, over 0.5 seconds off compared to PC (on the same connection) which is around 0.2 seconds. I hope daybreak goes bankrupt. I hope planetside arena or whatever the hell they are calling it fails; it sounds awful. They had something good with Planetside 1, then they ruined it in PS2 by making junk FTP, which just attracted every 10 year old idiot tk’er that sits around and shoots each other or farms by dying over and over instead of taking objectives. VS now on PS4 is unplayable due to these retards ruining it for everyone, which of course is where I spent $ a few years ago in the game on cosmetics (to support the developers). It wasn’t like this in BETA, but now it’s awful.

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