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If you’re not using an ad blocker, you may have noticed the site shows ads now. I didn’t think this day would come, as I always vehemently opposed using ads as an income source. When it came to creating content for PlanetSide 2, my motives were always pure – accumulate and share knowledge, promote intelligent discussion. 

I took pride in saying it doesn’t matter to me whether three or three thousand people visit my site, it was a proof that information presented here, as well as my personal points of view, stayed objective. It was a testament that me spamming links to relevant articles in online discussions was not me trying to get traffic for my site, but me trying to provide someone with easy access to useful information. 

A lot of time has passed, PlanetSide changed and so did I. I’m no longer creating new content for PlanetSide 2, and the site is instead maintained by our very own uzzi38. So I feel fine about using ads to at least cover the costs of hosting it, since I’ve been keeping it up out of my pocket for the last few years. 

That said, let me know if you see any bad ads, with scams or inappropriate advertisements. 

One thought on “Ads on the site

  1. I turned my ad blocker off for you, as long as they don’t come in pop-up, video, or sound format, I will let them through to help with your upkeep. Thank you for the site, and I hope that it stays up longer then Planetside 2’s official servers do… because I expect fans to end up making some unofficial servers at that point 😛

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